Key Statistics

Each year at the Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care we are expanding the number of patients we treat, enhancing our support services and increasing our reach in the community.

In 2016:
The Center saw over 4,000 patients through 11,168 patient visits.

The Center’s outreach staff worked with 300 physician practices, health centers, community centers and houses of worship, and reached over 4,000 community members with cancer risk reduction education.

The Center provided 3,120 bags of groceries to chemotherapy patients.

The Center’s Financial Navigator counseled 758 patients.

Since the advent of the Affordable Care Act, our staff members have registered 1,234 people for insurance.

Financial Overview

The strength and stability of the Center’s finances are essential to our mission.

As such, we are dedicated to the efficient management of our resources and strict adherence to generally accepted accounting principles.

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