“I want my patients to be treated with respect and the best quality of care. I know they’ll get that at the Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care.”– Referring Physician

How We Help Your Patients

When you refer your patients to the Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care, you’re helping them access high quality cancer care and empowering them to live healthier lives.

Through our team of medical oncologists, hematologists and surgeons credentialed by the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, we provide a wide range of cancer care services — from screenings and diagnoses to treatment and support.

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At the heart our work is our Care Navigation model, through which we deliver a comprehensive, personalized approach to cancer care that goes beyond treatment. Our Care Navigators will help guide your patients through the complexities of the healthcare system and assist them with any financial and insurance difficulties, language barriers or psycho-social issues.

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Our team is committed to open and frequent communication with you about your patients. We will provide you with an original report of all findings and keep you updated on your patients’ treatment and progress. Since our focus is exclusively on cancer care, your patients will be referred back to you for any other medical treatments.

Insurance and Financial Navigation

The Center is committed to providing your patients with all the treatment and support they need.

In addition to accepting Medicare, Medicaid and most health insurance and managed care plans, we provide a Financial Navigator to assess your patients’ financial situation. If a patient lacks insurance or requires financial assistance, the Navigator will work on the patient’s behalf to ensure he or she quickly gets access to care.

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